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Total Stop Food Store was founded in 1991 in Canistota, SD by Jeff and Janine Nielsen.

Jeff & Janine Nielsen, Founders and Centerville, Alcester, and Emery Store Owners

Total Stop began when the Nielsens renovated an empty building into a convenience store with gas in Canistota, SD. One year later, they expanded and bought out the local grocery store across the street to become a full line grocery store. In 2006 this store was sold to the manager and his wife, Chad and Mandy Keller.

Canistota, SD Store Before Renovation
Canistota Store Before Pic

Canistota, SD Store After Renovation
Canistota Store After Pic

Chad and Mandy Keller, Canistota, SD Store Owners
Chad and Mandy Keller

In 1998 a store in George, IA was purchased by the Nielsens and was managed by Judd Reifers until 2001 when Judd and his wife Laura took ownership.  In 2008 they remodeled to add an additional 3000 sq ft to the retail floor.

George, IA Store
George, IA Store

Judd and Laura Reifers, George, IA Store Owners
Judd and Laura Reifers

In 1994 the Nielsens bought the existing Emery grocery store and in 1999 built the new location with gas pumps. Emery is managed by Sharon Weeldreyer.

Emery, SD Store
Emery Store

The Alcester store was purchased in 1996 and in 2002 was moved from the corner on main street to the newly remodeled and expanded Cenex convenience store. Alcester is managed by Sheryl Peters.

Alcester, SD Store
Alcester Store

The local grocery store in Centerville was purchased by the Nielsens in 2006 and is managed by Brian Bartlett.

Centerville, SD Store
Centerville Store

The Nielsens also have two convenience stores called Total Stop in Beresford and Lennox.

All of our stores are in small town communities, which puts knowing our customers on a very personal level.

We strive to have great customer service, clean stores and hours that are
convenient to everyone.